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~~ FEATURES ~~ "Tantalise/Tantalize"

Tue Aug 16, 2011, 6:12 AM
My sense have indeed been tantalised by these beautiful works... thank you for sharing them, all of you! xxx

Ch.holic by reikolain Red Legs by Tantalise Pool Boat by Tantalise :thumb146494966: Tantalise by timtam Tantalise by K-Boyd-Photography Tunes of ChengSapient gongs stray
Pierced with wanton seduction
Quavering tones splash
Played into a tempting rill
Beautiful in its pretense
Tantalizing notes
Drum over the silent beads
Beat in unison
Translucent pearls wrap about
Enveloping measured necks
Sensual deceit
Performs a silk serenade
Inviting voices
Towards a repetition
Strumming strings of attraction
Sagacious chants stray
Diverging from influence
Captivating charm
Engages a light romance
Chiming in the tunes of Cheng
Tantalizing Sun by harasarah :thumb212175783: TantalizeLittle spider creeping on the charred wall,
disrupting the silence of the crumbled mall.
Weave your web, we embraced your deceit;
buying our death from you, there is no receipt.
Withered and fragile, you seized control;
embraced us with hope, offered a new future,
filled us up with love which you later stole,
yet you failed to seal the pain with a real suture.
I was compelled by the idea of erasing the past,
the chance to restart, to find a true place in life;
alas you abandoned us, the love did not last,
at least we died in peace, you played a silver fife.
Realizing we can't reach what we greedily fantasized
our souls shattered violently as you robbed our wealth
tyrant, you controlled us from the start, you tantalized,
whisking away what we worked for with skill and stealth.
Love is a unexplainable feeling, still it holds us compelled
with all the pain, lies, and betrayal, can a meaning be realized?
We cannot resist it for long, our efforts to ignore it will be quelled;
discover the t
  :thumb142120771: Seductive Sunset by 7h3K3ybl4d3m4s73r My dearest friends of al by CorruptedFallenAngel nosferatu by navix The Paisley Bagel by DigitalPainters :thumb83682416: Daite Senorita by Segda There's Yes Yes in Your Eyes by AllieDis Into A Fire: I Burn by goblin-kingjareth III - Taste by jesimae The Dancer by Twilight-Tantalize SoftI don't ache for your figure
Body pressed against ones frame, the shame
Of longing for a body, for a smile
For eyes lit, a curled lip
Mouth rich with lost time
I count the seconds between glances, slow advances
Up your spine across your sheets, we'll meet
Somewhere between here and there and nails that dance their way across your hair
Soft grin and firm skin
Are tempting, you're tempting
Me with your drawl, your sprawl
Your relaxed limbs draped carelessly in your chair
The outline of your spine were there no clothing there
I ache for it, my heart inches closer pressed against my chest
I lean like a flower
Vines and tendrils I'll wrap myself about you, around you
Everything is about you
Your lips part and my pulse stops, forearms like foreplay
Teasing me, creeping out of sleeves so I can see
It's you sweet stranger
My body pressed to paper trembling in sheen in sweat in the heat we'd create
It'd be dark, we wouldn't see the flaws of adolescence; you're sexuality in essence
tantalize iii by IAOYU Untitled Wire Sculpture by J-Hamilton Tantalize by Miruku-tii-kudasai Tantalize by anzun We Owe Something to the Night by bluesapphire92 Tantalize by Imnotreal Tantalize by Kerrbare My name is Lust...See the lipstick glide across my lips
Come over here baby and give me a kiss
See the sparkle in my eye between my dark lashes glowing
Mmmm... yes, I can see you growing
Like an exotic meat you tantalize
Begging for a space between my thighs
I don't know whether to tempt or to take
Or whether I'd care if you're still there when I wake
Just for a moment to make my life a fire
I will dig into your flesh desire
I will lap up the river of lust
And let you swim through my bust
Your hands will flow into my passion
Through every muscle pulsing in the night
We will rise and fall and rise and fall
And fight the dawning light
We are the gate to ecstasy
The only heaven made for me
We will burst into the forbidden land
Where pain slips out through the sand
We will live and breath and be
In one moment completely free
To ebb and flow and spread and grow
To eat into each other endlessly
See the hair falling across my breasts
It's lying there waiting for a mess
To toss it up to turn it around
To fly wi
Passionate KissesPassionate Kisses
Like soft whispers,
Your kisses brush upon my lips
They tantalize and captivate,
Making my mouth salivate,
Leaving me wanting more
A hunger fills you and I,
As we draw together,
No longer distant,
Totally passionate,
In love, rather than in lust
Eyes closed,
Breathing shallow,
My kisses trail to the corner,
Of your delectable mouth,
Onto your neck, pure alabaster and marble
Colors and stars,
Seen behind lidded eyes
It wouldn't be hard,
To stand here,
With you, forever
Licks and nibbles,
Breath upon ear,
I can't see you,
But I know you are near,
Passionate kisses make it clear
Lost, completely,
In a moment often dreamt of
I'm afraid to open my eyes,
Afraid it IS a dream,
And that it will turn to dust
A kiss so passionate,
One that makes me weak in the knees,
A kiss so devastatingly divine,
Preferably from you,
Is exactly what I need
jlp March 18, 2010
Tantalize1 by BumbleBeeLoved

One of these days I will get around to doing some of my own works of art again which will, hopefully, tantalise YOUR dA senses.

Blessings all!! xxx

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